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A bunch of important news

It’s been a long time since we’ve got any news from RP as a band, hasn’t it?

So what’s happening?

Fandom was in sudden uproar when this picture was uploaded on official Instagram account.

Tagged with: “Long awaited…. RP will be coming to you soon!”

Text on the picture means:

“On nostalgic days I drew a picture and on lonely days I listened to music. On all the other days I just thought of you” and is a poem by No Taejoo.

A lot of question has arisen because of it – some of them we will answer to later in this post.

The video

Few hours later video message was posted – check it out here.

The reason behind recording the clip was to say sorry for the long absence and deliver few important news:

  • on October Sooyoon is going to start his military service
  • during that time Moon is supposed to work solo as an artist and also as a writer for other performers
  • because it will be long time for RP to reunite as a band again they’ve planned 3 goodbye concerts in September: on 23rd in Seoul and on 28, 29th in Tokyo
  • they have prepared new music for the concerts, no info yet if it will be released in any other form though

Update about the concerts

The concert will carry the title “Hasta La Vista” – teaser of the Korean one here

Tickets for the concert in Korea will be sold on interpark (worldwide as well). Concert will happen in Westbridge in Hongdae at 7pm KST. We will update the links once they will be revealed.

Sale of tickets for Japan is already ongoing. links are under specific dates: CLICK HERE and then on that rectangles with dates at the bottom of the post. However keep in mind that it might be really hard to buy them from overseas (11. the registration demands name written in Kanji, Japanese address and phone number + entire site is in Japanese 2. tickets after purchase need to be picked up at a Family Mart store  – you are only getting a number to use at a counter via email) – if you don’t have friends in Japan to help you out you can try sending an email to the organiser at info@royal-pirates.jp – they should provide all the necessary info on what to do. Tickets to both concerts need to be bought separately and the entry number will be randomized. The events are held at Shibuya THE GAME. After each there will be high5 session. Ticket price includes a lightstick.

The questions

There’s few questions that the video does not answer to – some of them however got cleared up thanks to annoucements on RP Japan website while the concerts were announced. Some others I will try to explain with the knowledge that I have abt the general situation.

Will James be back? They’ve posted a picture with him, right?

According to the linked above post only Moon and Sooyoon (with guest apperance of another artist) will perform – it specifically reminds fans that James is still resting and will be absent from the activity.

Will there be a comeback?

Given that there’s only a month till concerts, even if there will be official release of the music, there’s a low chance for regular promotions.

But Moon is older! Shouldn’t he enlist as well?

As far as we know Moon has full Korean citizneship just like Sooyoon so according to law he should do his military service. However there could be some health issues that won’t allow him to do full thing (here’s something he talked about before) or he will just do it in a later date. There’s no way to find out before he tells us so let’s just trust him and wait patiently.

Goodbye concert? Does that mean disbandment?

“Hasta La Vista” means “Goodbye, see you again” in Spanish. On the video annoucement they’ve stated they want to say goodbye before Sooyoon enlists because they won’t be able to promote as a band for next 2 years. That’s why it is “Goodbye for now”, not “goodbye forever”.

Additional news

During the silent period both Moon and Sooyoon composed OST and music for other artists.


To You  (Manhole OST)- singing, lyrics, composing


Love Again by Dear Cloud (Queen for 7 days OST) – composing

Knock Knock Knock by Bae Da Hae – composing

Miracle by Jeong Sewoon – lyrics, composing (album to be out on 31st August)

As always stay tuned for new updates.


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