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James’ recent condition

On 31st January, just after Chinese New Year celebrations, James has shared heartfelt handwritten message with all of us.

Due to his health condition he has to halt his activity as a part of RP to focus on his recovery, especially, since it is worse that we all expected to be.

AOE posted official statement regarding his condition:

Since the accident, James had to receive numerous surgeries on his wrist yet the nerves and functions have not been recovered till now. Due to avascular necrosis, shattered bones on his writs has been rotten away and distorted, causing James excessive pains day and night. However James had been enduring it all unyieldingly and patiently, doing his best till now in hopes of recovery.

Nonetheless, the pain was not only in his hand but started expand to other parts of his body. James especially had often pleaded about headache. Also, the posttraumatic stress reached such an extreme level that James had no choice but needed an absolute rest.


In mid-January, 2017 James proceeded with an examination to find a cause for the severe headache and received seriously apprehensive news that doctors have found blood clot on his brain.

You can read entire post here.

Following up,  Moon and Sooyoon posted their own personal messages to fans.


I will miss James just as much as you guys will, and it burdens my heart to see you guys let down. But we will get through this together.

Sooyoon and I will continue to make music and try our best in James’ stead, so please keep supporting us as we do. It means the world to us. Also let’s all pray and wait for James’ recovery and return.


I’m sure that some of you guys might have been a little shocked to hear about James’ decision, but I’m also sure that you guys could understand where he’s coming from, especially because you guys were the ones that always supported him and stayed by his side.

After watching him suffer from his injuries as his roommate, I thought that the most important thing for James to do is to focus on his health. We all enjoy watching James performing passionately on the stage, but I know that what we’d rather want to see is James being healthy & happy.

Let’s keep praying for James’ health and his recovery.

Full post here.

Both Moon and Sooyoon ensured us that they will continue doing their best to make new music and deliver it to us.

Let us all pray for James and offer all support for RP and AOE as they continue this road full of hardships, as now they need this more than ever.

From the side of TRV crew, we will do our best to continue delivering you all possible information and news.

We love RP and we love all fellow fans. We are one big family and we are in this all together.

This morning James shared a song on his soundcloud. Many of you might remember it from the time he was DJing Music Access.

Along with it he posted a message:

This is a demo I wrote years ago and I what remember most about it is that it was so real to me. I tracked this with the intent of giving the bass line a subtle percussive touch and the guitars were lo fi’d because I wanted to facilitate an intimate setting with more focus on the lyrics. I’m so touched by all the love I’ve received. So this is my thank you~ Hopefully I’ll find a way to write something I truly believe in again.


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  1. Becky

    I think that rp are being very mature about this and its important that we stand by there side. Its sad and its shocking but we must keep on fighting with them and pray for james’ recovery. I may be far from Asia and I will never have the money to see a kpop concert (uk fan right hear) but I will never stop supporting them. I love ❤ those guys and we are all (including a new fan, my mum) hoping for a bigger, better comeback which is as strong as all the others. Saranghae, Fighting ❤!!!


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