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RP songs we think are worth being officially released!

As we all know RP writes & composes their own songs, however not all of them (would even say just a little piece of them) have been officially released. James actually have said that they have hundreds of songs they can’t wait to share with us!

Sometimes they preform some of unreleased songs live in concerts & shows.

RP Facebook: Sound check time! Are you ready???

Here are some we have picked from among fan’s favourites.
This is a list of the songs that we think it should be officially released!

12. Street

Heartfelt ballad written by Moon when they were still back in LA, so around 2008-2009. It was only performed twice – on Hard Rock Cafe on 6th February 2015 and few weeks later during Japan Live House Tour. Thanks to a few fancams it quickly gained attention from a lot of fans. Will it be released officially? Moon said: “I will think about it”

11. One hundred roses

One of EXSY’s solo songs that was posted by him on his youtube long time ago. With cute lyrics and simple melody, it just makes you addicted to it. Don’t we all just wish for somebody to confess to us with such song?

10. Pretending not to love (사랑하지 않는척)

One of the songs that was supposed to appear on RP’s album in 2015, along with Don’t go, Going Through Hell and New Sound. The plans have changed due to James’ accident.

9. Supernatural

This is by far mostly played on shows (starting from Men’s Fashion Week in SG in 2013) song that is yet to make it to official album. Written by Sooyoon was few times mentioned by all of them to be one of RP’s favourites. Fans love it too. Seriously, just release it finally, won’t you?

8. Come Away With Me

Cutely brought up by James when he was replacement DJ on Music Access. You all most admit that with Betting Everything and this one, this boy has a knack for romantic ballads!

7. Royal Villian

This song was written by Moon even before James joined the band. Asked about the song he said that he wrote it thinking about how people are becoming more and more corrupt over the time.

6. Stranger

One of songs performed during the LA gigs, brought up back as a special treat to fans in Sukira Radio Show in 2016.

5. Like Butterflies

In terms of solo songs that are not released officially, James is teasing us the most. But the 2nd one who used to is EXSY. This one is, just like “One Hundred Roses”, one of his old songs, posted on yt. And yes, he can rap too! (bring this back please)

4. Blessed

Written by James with a touch of Enik’s help, this is a song that reaches to James’ metal roots. Heartbreaking yet somehow giving hope. And for sure would be something to listen on full volume without caring what your neighbours think. James did say it is a song written for their upcoming album so let’s hope it will be included!

3. Heaven’s sole design

This song is kinda like a prequel to “See What I See” performed only once or twice, during LA gigs at clubs. We really wish to hear it in good quality. Please RP?

2. Crawling out

Yet another pre-James song prepared for allkpop feature Moon and Sooyoon were invited to. Song was written by Moon,supposely inspired by actual event that was funny and not what you would think of based on the lyrics. Look how young they were on the video! But the song is still really good.


Not actually recording but… Did you know there is an actual English Version of See What I See? Teased on their Charity Baazar invitation video, that was unfortunately taken down, has ever since became common “demand” from fans. In 2016, after BEYOND concert, official lyrics were posted on fancafe.


And if we’re talking about unofficially released songs here we must mention Disappear !!
Although the song has a music video, was recorded and it’s the first song they did as a trio it is still non-album one. Just let us pay money for it!


Which one was your favorite? You can find more unreleased RP songs on the list.

Written by naseem @_mipung @ Arab Royal Treasures & Eva @ TRV

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