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“ROYAL PIRATES JAPAN LIVE 2016” Coverage Report

Medias’ coverage report on the recent RP Japan Live is here! This one is the coverage from Korepo Japan. Take a look at the photos and make sure if you are captured in one of the photos 😋 check out the translation below

ROYAL PIRATES, fascinated fans with their multi-languages! For the first time after for 4 months “ROYAL PIRATES JAPAN LIVE 2016” Japan Tour finally held.


After the live concert on June this year ended in a great success, for the first time after 4-months rock band ROYAL PIRATES held a Japan tour for three days from October 26th to October 28th.

On the final day, in October 28th, the live being held in SHIBUYA THE GAME, Shibuya, Tokyo.

All standing place before the curtain raised is filled with so many fans, it’s even difficult to move, the heat is also hot and stuffy. With the fact that Halloween is in a couple of days, many fans wearing horns headband and costumes, and also overseas fans, it become a bustling venue.


When the dark changed, members appeared while being greeted by cheers and clapping of the fans.

Moon dressed in casual jacket, James with white shirt, very refreshing, when EXSY’s figure is attached to the stage position with black T-shirt, they shout “Make some noise!” and “Clap your hands!” with excitement, and “Shout Out” start as the first song.


Powerful sound echoed the body, fans raise their hands together and rock out the rhythm while intoxicated with music.

After “Seoul Hillbilly”, “Dangerous”, and “U&I” was shown successfully, James said “It’s the first time that I sweat and got wet so much on the stage,” in three languages; English, Korean, Japanese.

“But, you got wet with sweat, and was it EXSY to become sexy? SEXY~ EXSY~”, EXSY responded by showing his improvisation drum performance, which further heats up the fans.


“It’s Halloween soon, since the fact that today is the last day of the live, I want to premiere a new song today… do you all want to hear it?” and the fans screams.

While the members were looking around the venue when about to leave the fans said “More! More! (laughs)” “I see! Well!” and they smiled while unveiled part of the new song which is prior to release.

Members saw fans feel unsatisfied, and after that immediately “Do you want to listen to other song too? I’d like to see your reaction by the next song, and another new song will be shown. It depends on you all”, a great cheer rose from fans again.


When finished sing “HARU” which is a ballad and a little bit different from the first half of the live that’s more into rock music, “Your cheers and the reaction was a bit small~ (laughs). So I’d like to decide it with one more song to sing” with remarks of laughter from the venue. Started with “On my mind” followed by the fans’ chants, and a choir in the chorus part.

To be able to listen new songs, fans’ excitement livens up together, as a result of their satisfaction of the members.

When it comes to a solo corner time, EXSY, MOON, JAMES showing off each performance in order. When EXSY finished singing, he said “I often come to Japan, I want to give energy to everyone, since I always receive it from you all. Thank you so much”.


It was followed by Moon’s appearance, who changed the venue to adult mood/atmosphere. Finally, James appeared in the last with a strong appearance, fans enjoyed the 3-party-3-like stage.

Towards the end, songs from the 1st album “Drawing the Line” to the 3rd album such as “Without You”, “Let U Go”, etc. played non-stop and the tension reached its climax.

In the encore, members greeted one after another, “More fans from abroad came to see us this time. We’ve also heard from everyone that there are fans who came to Japan long before this live was held. We really appreciate that”, “I want to do live every day. I don’t want to go back to Korea!”, “I see those who came here today wearing Halloween costumes. Cute~”.


In the last song “You” members slyly wore a fancy headband given from fans, and rock the stage again. Also, while the fans singing the chorus together, the live was concluded with a great success. Since their fans’ layer is global, the members use English, Japanese, as well as Korean, to communicate with them. Because their music contains the diversity of a music, it can be one reason why their fan base spread globally.

What kind of music that ROYAL PIRATES will produce in the future as a band who can rock the world? The expectation rises in their future achievement.

Coverage: Korepo (KOREAREPORT INC)

Photo: (c) IMX

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