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‘WoW! Korea’ Japan Interview

The second interview of this month is out! Check out the full translations below~


Please greet your fans first!

Moon : Hello everyone. I’m ROYAL PIRATES’ Moon. Long time no see! Looking forward to go to Japan, (my heart) is pounding.

James : I really want to meet you all. I’ve done my best on study Japanese but haven’t improved that far….

EXSY : Hello everyone! I’m EXSY. Last month, I stayed about a week in Tokyo but my Japanese improved a little bit. I’d like to talk with you all as soon as possible!

It has been decided that you’re going to hold a live concert from October 26th to October 29th! You’re going to give a number of live performances, but from day one up until the end, is there any differences? Please tell me if you feel, maybe, feel that you’re rising rapidly and feel different feels from day to day after had a number of live performances so far.

Moon : On the first day I feel joy that I met everyone for the first time after a while, on the second and third day, I feel that we’re addicted to the world of performance with our fans.  Especially when it comes to the last day, rather than giving a live performance, I’d rather play a game with fans and become one with them.

James : On the first day I clearly feel a pleasure to finally meet everyone after a long time.  Even on each day, I’ll remember the impressions as well as the time when we’re singing along together. I’m preparing different composition on every performance because I always want to show you a new figure, so day-to-day I feel the sense of an achievement (of my works).

EXSY : On the first day I still nervous and make a little mistake, but my energy is overflowing, that’s the exciting day. On the second and third day, I become more stable, it comes out loosen with more tension, I’m joking with fans as well.


Please tell me if there’s any things that has been prepared for this live.

Moon : It’s a various concept. Not only about acoustic song, because we’re preparing a song that hasn’t been shown in any live, please anticipate it.

James : There are some surprises. Please look forward to it.

EXSY : I prepared a solo song in Japanese to be sung! Since I choose a song that everyone seems to know, I want you to sing it along together!

Please tell me if there are any things that you’re surely looking forward into when you come to Japan.

Moon : I certainly always go to Don Quixote (a big discount chain store in Japan that sells almost EVERYTHING with a great deal). Every time I go to Japan I will stop there and having fun looking around.

James : It’s fun to eat snacks that was bought from a convenience store and eat it together with the members.

EXSY : I always looking forward to meet fans in Japan. I always have the energy to go back again. And also, I enjoyed every meal. This time I’d like to go to the game center as well.


At the end, please give a message to the Japanese fans.

Moon : I’m really happy to seeing you guys for three days in a row. I’ll work hard so you all who come can have a long-lasting memory of the live performance!

James : I always grateful to fans who have helped and watched me to grow little by little as a musician. Your presence is a great support for me. Also this time, we will prepare hard for everyone so we can have fun together!

EXSY : I’m excited to have a Japan tour after a long time! So this time we also want to rock out to enjoy the stage with everyone, please look forward to it. See you at the live venue. I love you all!


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