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KanStarpress Japan Interview

Days counting to RP’s JAPAN LIVE 2016!

Before the show being hold, there are some new interviews given by Japan media about RP and the upcoming lives. Check out the translation of the first interview on this month and stay tuned for another interview! ^^


After held the “Beyond in Japan” tour in Tokyo at SHIBUYA GLAD from June 1st to 3rd, South Korea band ROYAL PIRATES attracted a lot of fans and had a huge success. They will hold a concert in Japan for three days from October 26th.


First of all, kindly greet your Japan fans!

Moon : Hello Japan fans. It’s me, Moon. I really want to meet you all.

James : On the last Japan tour, I absolutely said that I’ll study Japanese, but I haven’t been able to do it yet. I’m sorry! But I really want to meet you all.

EXSY : Hello everyone! I’m EXSY! I really want to meet you. Since I do my best on learning Japanese, let’s talk together soon. I love you all!


Finally you will hold a JAPAN LIVE from October 26th. What is the main attractions during the live?

Moon : This live will show you the appearance of RP that continue to grow/mature musically, above all else I think that audiences and us (will) getting along well fantastically.

James : Finally we will meet our fans after a long time, but I also think the point is to show that our music has grown.

EXSY : In order to liven up the stage for this live, various arrangements and performances, and also solo stage is being prepared!



That would be fun. Do you have any special plan?

Moon : We’re planning to re-arrange our original song and cover it this time. Please look forward to it.


You’ve been doing lives in various countries, but what about the reaction of Japanese fans? Although many said that Japanese fans are well quiet.

Moon : I feel that Japanese fans are enjoying the live that the artists give to them with respects. When we’re singing, they will react by concentrating on how each of us perform, I always grateful for that, so we’re going to work even harder to prepare it.

James : I always feel a lot of earnest love. So we feel that we also want to give more and more good (performances) and this feeling becomes bigger.

EXSY : At the first time they seems to be quiet, but recently we get along together and even jump with us, they even gave us the best cheering. It seems that whenever they come, it all become fun.


Please tell me whether you want to do new thing(s) (what is that), and thing(s) that you want to eat in Japan

Moon : Of course it’s good to go to Tokyo, but I want to go to Osaka and also see fans from other Japan region.

James : This time, I’d like to go to a hot spring and enjoying myself slowly with Moon and Sooyoon (EXSY).

EXSY : Actually, I was traveling to Japan alone in September. It was the first time I took the train by myself, and I was nervous. Next time I want to go to Tokyo Tower.



At the end, please give a message to your Japan fans

Moon : I’m really happy because this time I can see you in three consecutive days. It will deliver you a long-lasting live memories!

James : Right now my position changes from bassist to keyboard, to the fans who watch and support me that’s maturing as a musician, I always feel grateful for that. I’ll prepare and work harder for fans who willing to stand by my side.

EXSY : I’m sorry for kept you waiting for a long time. Let’s meet in October live performances. Saranghaeyo~


You can check the details of the JAPAN LIVE 2016 here

If any of you need some help about getting tickets and other stuff towards the upcoming JAPAN LIVE 2016, kindly contact us through our Twitter, we can help you ^^

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