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Fancafe Tutorial (All in One)

If you’ve noticed, the previous posts on fancafe tutorial were deleted, but don’t you worry! We’ve put them back together, and all you need to be able to register and join the cafe is here!

The fancafe is THE place where Team RP posts all information about the schedule, events, announcements, as well as interact with band and other fans.  Here they also post exclusive materials  including photos and videos so by joining you get access to these exclusive treats!

You might get intimidated by the amount of Korean at first  because everything is in Korean on Daum but not knowing the language shouldn’t stop you – as a proof, person who wrote this tutorial does not know Hangul.

So here we go!


The first thing you need to do is create a Daum account.  Please see Daum Account creation tutorial here. Once you’re done with that, head on to Royal Pirates fancafe here.

In order to sign up you need to click on the highlighted buttons.


You will be moved to a site looking like this.


This is registration question. If it is the same as on the picture, you see the answer here. If it is different (it changes from time to time) just ask us on Twitter.

After you typed in the question press the circled button (it is used to accept all the stuff around). If the answer is correct you will be directed to this page.


Click on 1 to accept terms and conditions. On 2 you need to write your nickname for the fancafe. Take a note that you should not use names of band members, the band or other bands.

If you are done click the button on the left.


Congratulations! You are now a member of the fancafe! Click the circled button to accept.

Level Up

In order to have access to some sections of fancafe you need to be in the 2nd level at the least. Levelling up can only be done via web.

Find LEVEL&Questions on the side menu and click as shown.


Then go to


At the top of the post you will see two buttons, click circled one.


Change title of the post to: [ 등업신청합니다. ]

Scroll the form to find the questions in English and answer them. If you need tracklist for Love Toxic you can find it here. Once you are done with answering, scroll to the bottom of the window to find this part. This step will disable copying.


Click circled button to open a wider menu. Click on 금지 in the first category. All the rest will change automatically. It should look like on the screenshot.

Now you need to change the font to white. Select whole text on the input window and scroll to the top menu bar.


Click the where the arrow shows. White color is in first row from the top on the very right.


By clicking 1 you can preview your post. 2 is posting it.

After posting you will have to wait for Team RP to accept your form and change your level. If you want to check if your level changed click as on the pic. You should see “2” next to your username.


In case it was over one day and it is still not changing, you could’ve done mistakes in the form. Team RP moves wrong forms to 2nd category under LEVEL&Questions, together with a comment what to fix. If your post is there, check out the comment to know what was wrong and post once again.

Now what?

If you are a member of fancafe now it’s time to get to know your way around.

fancafe 01

Notice – any kind of announcements.

Notice – any kind of announcements.

Schedule – weekly posts about what RP are up to.

RP News – Press coverage.

Fan Event – as the name states, about fan events.

From RP – messages from RP members.

To RP – leave your messages to RP here.

PHOTO – official photos

VIDEO – official videos

STAFF DIARY – BTS posts of various kind (with photos)
RP’s Talking

가입인사- come here to say hello.

출석체크 – come to say you are active on fancafe.

자유토크 – free talk

fancafe 02친구해요 – let’s be friends (introduce yourself)

모니터링 – monitoring – share opinions when you watch shows with RP.

공방후기 – fannacouts

Foreign fan – place for foreign fans

RP’s Photo

사진직찍 – fantaken photos.

영상음성 – fantaken video and audio/radio recordings by fans

방송캡쳐 – broadcast capture

뽐내봐요 – fanarts

Level Up&Questions

등업신청 – Pending Level Up forms

등업리턴 – Refused Level Up forms

등업완료 – Completed Level Up forms (normal user can’t see them)

닉넴보호 – Nickname protection

질문해요 – Questions to Team RP

건의사항 – Tips and suggestions for Team RP


In most of categories you can create your own post by clicking the button with the pen.

fancafe 3

If you open your own post to edit/delete it:

답글 – edit 수정 – reply 글삭제 – delete.

You have seen post creation window once levelling up.

fancafe 4

It works the same way as any other forum etc. On top line you have buttons to add: picture, video, file, map, audio

Below: font, font size, font effects (as on icons), text align, emoticons, add link, add tabel, draw rectangle, setting of elements on the page, quote box, drawing lines, help and go back/go forward arrows. You can play around with them to get to know what does what.

As it comes to adding elemets to the post, click the button that “stands out” to accept. (with pictures it’s the blue one).

In some categories you need to post in certain format. For example if you want to add fanarts you need to set the name of the post as:

[2착 가공 가능]▶ [BAND/MEMBER NAME] – if you disallow sharing in other places.

[2차 가공 금지] ▶ [BAND/MEMBER NAME] – if you allow sharing.

And you will have to pick category of the artwork by clicking

fancafe 5

above the post title. 사진 is for images. 영상 is for videos.


You can also post comments under posts (most of them). Find this window.

fancafe 6

Write your message inside. On bottom left you can add picture and under the lock, make it only viewable for Team RP and RP members. Post the comment by clicking the button on the right.

You can also Reply/Modify/Delete your messages where 답글  is reply (goes for all comments) 수정 is for editing and  삭제 is for deleting. Options appear on the top right corner of the message.

Wrapping up

oThis is what you need to start up. Don’t be afraid to go visit the fancafe, also, if you post something that won’t be according to the guidelines nobody will kill you for that. You can learn by trying out different things – there is low possibility you will break anything :).

Have fun and hope the turorial helps a bit. In case you will meet any problems, we will be always happy to help so ask us on twitter.

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